8 Benefits Of Choosing Blinds Over Curtains

As humans, we are constantly looking for ways to make life less stressful and more enjoyable. There are a lot of problems humans face daily, but deciding whether to have curtains or blinds in your home should not be one of those.

Before you get caught up in more conflict, this blog post would be letting you in on the benefits of choosing blinds over curtains. By the end of this post, you would understand why a lot of people have gravitated towards the comfort and versatility of blinds.

When chosen with care, a blind can transform your living space. But, not everyone is an expert in the art of choosing blinds, which is where blinds in Mittagong come in. All you have to do is sit back and let the expert handle all the details.

Below are the reasons you should ditch that old curtain and switch over to using blinds:

  • Blinds Provide Versatility

Using a blind would provide you with a range of options to pick from. There are different types of blinds for different rooms in the house. You can even have the opportunity to choose one for a certain temperature, mood or purpose.

This means that you are not stuck with one type of blind, you have a choice of different styles, designs and even materials. It is easy to find blinds made from cloth, plastic, aluminium, wood and sometimes glass. It really does not get boring.

  • Ease Of Maintenance

Blinds are generally easy to maintain as opposed to a curtain that requires serious washing. With blinds, it is enough to pick up a cleaning brush and give a quick wipe or use a wet rag to clean dirt from time to time. Of course, different styles of cleaning apply to the type of blinds present in your home. Even though cleaning of the blinds has to be done more often than you would with a curtain, it takes less time.

  • Blinds Can Fit Into The Smallest Spaces

Just because you have a tiny window in one part of your home does not mean it should be left uncovered. It is not a new thing to see that curtains are not very friendly to small spaces. It is a task trying to find a curtain that would cover a small window somewhere in your house without looking out of place.

In this case, you can go with blinds in Mittagong as they offer different sizes of blinds enabling you to find whatever size you want. Another thing is that they are easier to measure to size than curtains.

  • Blinds Are More Budget Friendly

Blinds are less expensive to purchase when compared to curtains. If you do not want to go for a higher-end blind, you could always choose one that fits into your budget.

Take for example, if you wanted a wooden style of blinds which cost a little above your budget. You could instead take a less expensive option of faux wood, which is of lesser quality but looks just about the same.

  • Blinds Have More Environmental Benefits

Because of the nature of blinds, they have more environmental benefits to you. You would never see that your blinds have attracted a lot of dust or dust mites, as opposed to your curtains. The drapey nature of curtains makes it possible for dust to accumulate behind the curtain and cause breathing problems in case it scatters in the house.

If you have young children, there are also chances of them playing with the curtains. This could lead to them ingesting dirt as the curtain is not regularly cleaned due to the effort it takes.

  • Blinds Take Up Less Space Than Curtains

Have you ever moved into a new place and after decorating, you feel like the room is smaller than it really is. This might be because of the curtains that take up too much space in a room thereby making the room look and feel small.

Blinds on the other hand, do not take up space as they are made to blend into their surroundings. The blinds in MIttagong provide an effective window treatment whilst still managing to keep the room looking spacious. This is because blinds are not as weighty as curtains and they are made to exactly fit the particular window they are placed on.

  • Blinds Provide Complete Light Control

Imagine you wake up to bright light piercing your eyes because someone thought it was a bright idea to “pull back the curtains”. While that might be a beautiful scene from a romantic comedy, it would be less of a hassle to have more control over the amount of light that gets in your room.

There are different types of blinds that give you the option of totally shutting out light no matter how bright it is outside. You also do not have to spend time adjusting the curtain just to get tired and settle for the amount of light you are getting. With blinds, you can use the cords for control.

  • Blinds Are Not Conductors Of Heat

Blinds can be helpful during summer or during periods of heatwaves. You would find that you can still maintain your privacy without having to leave your blinds closed all the way. This is because the curtain has a lot of bulk and would therefore cause more heat than necessary.

It is however not irregular to see blinds hung together with curtains even though it incurs more cost for the individual. It is however important to note the pros and cons when it comes to your choice of window treatment. Leave that choice to blinds in Mittagong for expert consultation and installation that would leave you relaxed and relieved.


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