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Sculli Blinds and Screens in The Oaks provide high quality blinds and screens branded to the highest standards. The Oaks Blinds offers the following kinds of blinds besides venetian blinds.

Lumen blinds are also known as Zebra blinds in certain quarters. They are constructed of light and dark material to retain privacy and light. Using a variety of materials and patterns may make them seem wealthy, beautiful, or simple and contemporary.

Panel blinds: Panel blinds are great for adding height to a space. These are made of vertical slates that can be changed to let in more light. They provide isolation and office renovations. They fit spacious rooms and windows.

Roller Blinds: A kind of blind that rolls up and down. Roller blinds defend against UV rays and heat while also helping to insulate cold areas. They’re easy to use, sturdy, and available in a variety of colors and materials.

Vertical blinds come in many designs. Vertical blinds are made of horizontally aligned slats or vanes that may be modified in width, length, and shape. They’re cheap and adaptable. Its wide range of materials, textures, and finishes may be employed in every area. Vertical blinds shield you from dust, UV rays, and noise.

Questions and Answers are listed below.

How do Lumen Blinds work?

Lumen Blinds are a revolutionary new roller blind that protects your privacy while preserving your vision. It has a stylish and functional curved fascia. The ability to control the amount of sunlight entering your home or business throughout the day, as well as shut the blinds to keep prying eyes out, provides security and privacy.

LUMEN windows might revolutionize window design for both the home and workplace. The bottom rail mechanism is unique in design and allows for smooth and efficient system functioning. This amazing new blind protects against UV rays and heat.

What distinguishes Lumen Blinds from Panel Blinds?

To block out light, panel blinds use textile panels on a horizontal track. Panel blinds are a modern spin on vertical blinds, and are ideal for bigger windows, patio doors, and even as room dividers. Panel blinds allow you to manage the amount of light and privacy in your space.

Lumen Blinds, on the other hand, use a bottom rail system that allows for vertical movement. Both are available for custom window and door sizes.

Can blinds be washed?

Depending on whether your blinds are solid or pleated, you may clean them with a clean damp cloth or a solution of one part soap and one part water. You may either let them dry naturally or blow them dry. You may also hire a The Oaks blind cleaning service to clean your blinds.

How do blackout blinds work?

Choosing window blinds for your house involves more than simply picking a color or design that you like. Light-controlling and privacy-enhancing blinds come in a variety of styles and functions that increase the functioning of your house. A blackout blind may be the ideal solution for you if you are sensitive to light while sleeping or work in an office and want to avoid glare.