Blinds Wollongong

Sculli Blinds and Screens have a large variety of blinds on offer

 We have venetian and zebra blinds in many different colors and materials. At the same time, we have many different varieties of the following different kinds of blinds that we have on offer for residents of Wollongong.

Panel Blinds: Panel blinds are an excellent way to add height to a room. These are constructed of vertical slates that may be rotated to allow light to pass through. They provide privacy and enhance workplaces. They’re ideal for large spaces and windows.

Roller Blinds: Roller blinds assist to insulate chilly spaces while also protecting against UV and heat. They’re simple to use, durable, and come in a number of fabric options.

Vertical blinds are available in a variety of styles. Vertical blinds are constructed out of slats or vanes that are horizontally aligned and may be adjusted in width, length, and form. They’re affordable and within your budget and can be used for many different kinds of windows. Any house or business might benefit from their diverse selection of materials, textures, and finishes. Vertical blinds shield you from dust, UV rays, and noise.

When you are looking for blinds for your home or commercial space, your might have queries that you want answered. 


What are Lumen Blinds, and how do they work?

Lumen Blinds are a revolutionary new roller blind that allows you to preserve your eyesight while keeping privacy. It has a curved fascia that is both attractive and practical. LUMEN provides protection and privacy for your home or company in Wollongong by enabling you to manage the amount of light that enters during the day or by closing the blinds to keep prying eyes out.

LUMEN might be a game-changer in window design, both at home and at business. The bottom rail mechanism is a one-of-a-kind design that enables for efficient and smooth operation. This incredible new blind also shields you from harmful UV rays and heat.

What makes Lumen Blinds different from Panel Blinds?

Fabric panels glide over a multichannel track in panel blinds. Panel blinds are a contemporary variety of vertical blinds that are ideal for larger windows, patio doors, and even as room dividers. You may control the quantity of light and privacy that enters the room using panel blinds.

Lumen Blinds, on the other hand, have a bottom rail system that allows them to be vertically adjusted up and down. Both can accommodate custom window or door sizes.

Is it possible to clean blinds?

If your blinds have solid slats, you may simply clean them with a clean wet towel, or you can make a solution with part detergent and part water and clean the blinds with that. You can either hang them to dry naturally or use a blower to speed up the process and you might also choose to hire a professional to clean your blinds for you for your property in Wollongong.

What are blackout blinds, and how do you use them?

When it comes to selecting window blinds for your home, there is more to it than simply choosing a color or pattern you like. Blinds come in a variety of types that provide varying degrees of light control and privacy while also boosting your home’s utility. Blackout blinds are ideal for sleeping.

Blackout blinds shut out light by using opaque materials. They provide a dark, serene atmosphere that deters inquisitive eyes from your personal items. Most importantly, blackout blinds come in a variety of styles, allowing you to select the one that best complements your home.