Creative ways to use screen doors


The weather conditions of Australia fluctuate widely across its states. With the unpredictable conditions, insects including mosquitos and house flies become regular and unwelcome guests.

Therefore, Screen doors are the top choice for those who want to let in natural light and ventilation without having to put up with creepy crawlies. They can be a valuable and cost – efficient extension to your home.

The majority of screen doors installed on front doors are basically storm doors. These are generally built with aluminum, glass fiber, or wooden structure with replaceable rolling screens and glass panels. This gives you more control as to how your screen door performs: how you ventilate your home with both the screen part revealed or even as a supplemental shield against thunderstorms with the glass screen slid over it.

Would you like to know where to find the best security screen doors in Wollongong? You’ve found the right place.

So, as long as you spend on some kind of a high-quality screen door and maintain it properly, you can hope it will last for decades.

What exactly is a screen door?

A screen door can be a detachable storm door in cold climates or a hinged screen door in hot climates that covers an external door, or just a screened sliding glass door. In most cases, the security screen doors in Wollongong integrate screen mesh to prevent birds, creepy crawlies, or aerial particles such as seedlings or dry leaves from entering, as well as pets and younger kids from trying to leave living areas, while still permitting fresh air, sunlight, and outside views.

Screen door ideas that are out of the box

Screen doors can be made in a variety of creative ways. If you need a screen door personalized to match the design of your home’s exterior, they come in all sorts of colors and handle sets in a variety of styles.

However, if you’re looking for unusual yet clever security screen door ideas in Wollongong, keep reading:

  • Hardware and Functionality

There are numerous options for enhancing the aesthetic value of your screen door. They come in vinyl, aluminum, glass fiber, and natural materials. They can be pre-painted to coordinate with your outdoor living space. Many screen doors include the option of installing blinds between the panes for privacy features. You can also select an installed keyed lock or any other kind of lock you prefer. Knobs and frames are available in different finishes, including oil-rubbed bronze and vintage brass, or you can have them resemble the color scheme of the door.

  • The kitchen screen door.

Replace a standard pantry door with a screen kind to introduce a rustic farmhouse design into your residence no matter where it is located. By providing a sneak peek into the pantry, screen doors can make a small kitchen feel more spacious.

  • Screen wall that retracts.

You’ve definitely noticed pictures on social media of beautiful homes with expansive walls — and many of you have undoubtedly questioned how realistic a large open area in the corner of your house would be when you have insects (and other creepy crawlies) to deal with. The answer lies in a retractable insect screen, a feature that can make a massive difference between having a fantastic enjoyable time or being ravaged by mosquito bites.

  • A small sliding screen door.

Integrating a door and a screen door into a narrow corridor can be difficult. Some rather ingenious homeowners devised a quick fix by installing a sliding screen door that, when opened, slips into a space behind the fridge.

A hinged screen door is not required, when there will still be instances when you’ll want to get the screen door to move to the side, which is easy to execute with an overhead track.

  • Screen doors for the nursery and playhouse.

In case you have children or pets in the house, you understand how challenging it can be to keep feline friends away. A stylish screen door in the childcare center or children’s room will allow you to take a quick look in while keeping the family pet out.

What’s more? A particularly bug-infested summer can make outdoor playtime less exciting. Install a set of screen doors on the play area or log cabin to make the kids feel comfortable outside.

  • Make it attractive, playful, and fun.

A screen door with stylish metalwork adds an artistic flair to the entrance. You can choose from pre-made designs or collaborate with an artisan to create something new for your space.

You can use paints, different patterns, and stencils, and let your imagination run wild.

  • Make it a two-for-one deal.

Screen doors can also be double doors, particularly if they are part of a larger doorway. Simply be cautious and use additional reinforcement, such as a cable rail, to maintain these doors from slipping down and twisting.

  • Allow it to retract.

Perhaps not a door in the traditional sense, these screen panels retract up into the framework, and the segments are nicely integrated.

  • Consider making it a perfect blend.

When it’s warm outdoors, a screen panel can simply give way to a glass panel when it’s chilly outdoors. This helps to keep the screen door functional throughout the year.

  • Coordinate with the front door.

Don’t cover up any of the main door’s interesting features. Rather, align the screen door’s framework and architecture with that of the main gates. You could even paint the screen door to resemble the specifics of your house, or you could just paint it a vibrant shade to add a splash of color to your entrance.


When the weather is nice, screen doors let in warm fresh air and allow you to take in more light. If you think a screen door would be a useful way to spruce up your home, contact Sculli Blinds and Screens, who offer great security screen doors in Wollongong. We’re here to facilitate you in discovering the ideal screen door for your needs. You can count on us to provide value, quality, and aesthetic appeal, as well as workable solutions that promote and favor your family’s welfare and happiness.

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