eZIP Blinds


eZIP Blinds: The eZIP Track guided Blinds are a great addition to any space. They are a modern and versatile blind, that can be installed in both residential and commercial spaces.

Whether it is your home or a commercial space like a shop front, an eating area or a café, the eZIP Blinds is sure to add grace to your space.

The eZIP Blind can be selected in several colours and fabrics, which means there is a variety available to match to the décor of your space. It is a user-friendly option as it can be operated with ease.

A perfect solution to screen out your outdoor area, have your space protected from the heat waves of summer, and the unbearable chill of the winter, the eZIP provides a shield against the UV rays of the sun.

Also, it keeps insects at bay and offers additional security.


Ezip blinds add a stylish and elegant look to any space, available in a large variety of colours and fabrics to mix and match as you like.


Ezip blinds are suitable for installation in any space, whether it is a patio, pergola, al fresco, café or shop front, the Ezip blind is a perfect match.

Weather Protection

Ezip blinds filter harmful UV rays from the enclosed area, they offer insulation for the cold days, and they offer protection against insects, outdoor pests, dirt and other unwanted outside elements.

User Friendly

Ezip blinds are easy to use and operate, they also require low maintenance and minimal cleaning. A damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner will do the job.


Outdoor blinds have a very stylish look. They can be colorful or more conservative with a modern or traditional design and look. They can improve the overall appearance of any home or commercial building.


One of the great benefits of blinds is privacy for yourself, family and guests from unwanted onlookers. They can protect your children from strangers. Outdoor blinds can easily control privacy issues for your home or building.