Invisigard protects the home and is made up of a 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh. It is by far the best security screen available for residential or commercial properties.

It features durability, style, strength and clear vision. It averts corrosion and sets world standards in terms of precision and longevity. The Invisiguard door or window is retained in an aluminum frame with the most advanced grip and retention system. They are the best security screen door available in the market and a worthwhile investment for the security of your family or employees, as well as your property.

Invisigard has the unique patented EGP retention system. EGP stands for ‘extreme grip protection’ which is its main feature. Because of EGP, steel and aluminum don’t come in contact with each other, eliminating the risk of corrosion.


High end technology procedures allow for bigger sizes to be produced without the need for mid-rails, it allows for large units to be fabricated.

Stylish look

Frames used by Invisigard are thin and discreet, maintaining the aesthetics or even increasing the attractiveness of the property. Their frames look less bulky than others and their fixings are almost unnoticeable.


Installation of an Invisigard screen to the patio offer many benefits such as security, enhanced privacy, insect and wild-life control, as well as, climate control. Invisigard ensures peace of mind.


Invisigard security doors are more durable than regular screen doors. Some standard screen doors can show signs of wear and tear after a short while, Invisigard security doors are built to last.