Lumen Blinds

Lumen Blinds are also known as Zebra blinds. They provide a contemporary and elegant feel that is suitable for any residential or commercial space, taking home and office window furnishings just one step further. They allow good views from the inside while providing privacy from the outside at the same time.

They operate similar to a roller blind. A chain mechanism allows control over light and vision by adjusting the opaque and horizontal strips of the fabric, similar to a roller blind. The blind is housed in an aluminum enclosed cassette headrail that is coated in a variety of colours.

Protection and Privacy

During daylight hours, Lumen blinds have the ability to control sunlight and protect the property from harmful rays of the sun and heat. In order to avoid prying eyes, they can also be completely closed, ensuring privacy.

New Look

Lumen blinds offer a soft, new, and modern look in blinds. These new revolutionary blinds have become very popular for any home decor as they propose a modern twist to roller blinds. The unique bottom rail enables easy and smooth operation

Stylish and Fashionable

Lumen blinds combine two independent layers, each with sheer and opaque horizontal strips. They are fashionable and stylish blinds with a unique feel.

Easy and Simple

Lumen blinds are easy and simple to operate and use. Lumen blinds are a sophisticated window covering that allows the user to have full vision, but also provides block out if needed, all in one.