Motorised Blinds

Today, many homes and businesses are considering motorised options for their window treatments. They can protect furniture, personal belongings and valuable art from damaging sun light and can be controlled by the simple push of a button.  Electric window treatments are one aspect of the growing popularity of home automation. Motorised blinds can be easily operated through remote controls and also have timer options available, as well as light sensors, amongst other advanced features. With motorised precision, you can get the right balance of light at all times.

There are no cords in motorised blinds, as cords can become a safety hazard for children and pets a motorised option can be a safer option when there are little ones around. That is also why they are called cordless blinds or shades. With no cords, they also become more aesthetically pleasing. Some motorised blinds even work on voice command. Below are some other advantages of motorised blinds:

Increase Value

Motorised blinds can increase the value of a home or business facility if they are properly installed. Potential real estate buyers are more attracted to professionally installed motorised blinds, which are becoming a growing trend.

Energy-Efficiency Boost

Through insulation and light control, energy efficiency of the property can be boosted. During specific times of the day, you can open and close blinds remotely to maximise lighting efficiency. Energy-efficiency also means reducing monthly energy bills. With a sensor or timer, motorised blinds can be automated so they will work by themselves.

Protect from Sun Rays

Motorised blinds help in getting soft, filtered light to the interior, so furniture, floor and wall coverings cannot be damaged by the sun through fading and discolouration.


Manually opening and closing blinds can be a hassle, therefore, the use of motorised blinds is convenient and easy by simply pressing a remote-control button or taking advantage of a timer and other automated functions available.