Outdoor Awnings

Awnings can be utilised in residential and commercial buildings. They are a roof-like structure made of canvas or other durable materials such as synthetic blends. Outdoor awnings serve as a shelter and provide a cover over a window, door or storefront. They can greatly enhance the overall appearance of a home or commercial building. Outdoor awnings can resonate with the architectural design of any home and building.

They can be very beneficial for commercial spaces like cafes and restaurants, as they do not only provide shade and shelter from the elements, but also more seating space for customers. At home family and friends can enjoy the outdoors and additional entertaining areas.

Shade and cover

They create a comfortable space for those who need shading or want to still enjoy the outside during rain. It is also a great way to entertain without the worry of being exposed to the elements of nature.


Outdoor awnings come in a large variety of designs and colours, pleasing any customer’s personal taste or requirement.


Outdoor awnings can help to keep a building or area cooler in the same, by providing shade. They also enhance the usage of any space that if not covered would otherwise remain empty.


Outdoor awnings can increase the size of a usable area by providing cover or shade. More shade available, more seating options or entertainment space