Panel Blinds

Panel blinds are an ideal choice for large windows and doors, in both residential and commercial buildings. They are a durable and ideal solution for tall windows, sliding glass doors, room dividers, and floor-to-ceiling sliding glass walls. There are many different types of fabrics available for panel blinds. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

Panel blinds are basically an updated version of standard blinds accommodating the trend for large windows and doors. A clever track system allows easy operation, store-away option and minimal space requirements. Flat fabric panels hang from a multi-channel track with sliding fabric carriers running along the track. A lightweight bottom bar maintains the shape and appearance of the blind. Panels overlap each other, allowing easy movement of the panels.

They can provide complete privacy, are practical, compliment any interior and minimise the impact of sun exposure on the interior.

Panel blinds are available in block out and sheer fabric. Choosing the right type of fabric for panel blinds is very important for the overall look of the room.

Wide range of Styles, Fabrics, and Colours

For Panel blinds, there are numerous styles, fabrics and colours available. Panel blinds can easily blend in with the home interior’s overall theme.

Easy to Use

Panel blinds are easy to operate, and they can easily separate areas of the home or business and be used as room dividers. They are installed in the ceiling. A control ward or a cord-operated mechanism can be used to open or close the blinds.

Light Control

By closing the panel blinds, sunlight can be blocked out, providing shade to the whole room without effort. To fill the room with light, the panels can be easily be drawn back, stacked behind each other, requiring minimum space.

Energy Saving

Panel blinds can help in maintaining a comfortable temperature and saving energy by up to 25%. Rooms will remain cool during summer days without much need for fans or air conditioning and warm in winter without the need for excessive heating.