Plantation Shutters Basswood

One of the best materials used for plantation shutters is basswood. When it comes to design and style, basswood offers a lot of flexibility and versatility. Basswood plantation shutters can be painted in any colour according to customer preference.

Basswood is considered the high-quality plantation shutters for the home. They are made from a hardwood called “Tilia Americana”. This is a member of the Linden family of trees having strong trunks and a fine wood grain. Basswood plantation shutters are stunning due to the fine texture and smooth finish.

Basswood Shutters are:


Even after being subjected to heat and water, basswood plantation shutters are warp-resistant. Sudden changes in temperature or moisture will not affect them by warping. They are strong and sturdy.


If the shutters are fully closed, heat cannot enter easily in summer nor can the cold in winter, maintaining a comfortable temperature inside all year around.

Uniform Texture

Basswood plantation shutters have a beautiful texture and finish. They are light but stable. They can be stained or painted to exhibit a uniform, consistent color throughout.

ECO Friendly

Basswood plantation shutters are the most preferred choice amongst environmentally conscious customers because it is made from renewable resources.