Plantation Shutters Kemps Creek

Simple Plantation SHUTTERS

Plantation shutters are an ideal substitute for blinds, shades, and curtains. They are appropriate for every home and style in KEMPS CREEK, both inside and out. Because of its adaptability, plantation shutters are characterized as “the ultimate window covering.” Plantation shutters can help to create a soothing and quiet atmosphere. They also assist in keeping the house or workplace dust-free, which is beneficial to asthma and allergy patients. Plantation shutters are easy to maintain and keep in excellent shape. They may increase the value of a property or company.


There is no obvious answer to this question. Our shutters, awnings, and blinds have been in place for a long time and are still in excellent working order.

Our shutters now function better than those installed 20 years ago. To meet the highest requirements, they have been greatly upgraded and put through several quality control tests. Our shutters are among the finest currently available. Our shutters come with a 5-year warranty.

Here are some suggestions for maintaining your shutters:

  • Don’t leave the windows open if it’s raining.
  • Dust often. Our ostrich feather dusters are quite popular. You may also use a moist cloth.
  • Use the tilt rod upward and downward rather than pressing outward to shut the slats.
  • To completely close the slats, keep them up. Before you open the panels, close the slats. The slats would “pinch” and maybe injure without it.
  • When closing the panels, make sure the front edges are aligned. Unclosed and misaligned panels will ultimately form a skew.
  • Check for a tension screw on the side of each panel if the slat movement has gone slack. Adjust the tension with a Phillips head screwdriver if necessary.
  • Never attempt to remove the shutters on your own. The warranty will be invalidated as a result of this. Please contact us to schedule a removal if you want them removed.

Paint cannot be applied on pre-sprayed shutters because it would block the moving components.

We strongly advise you to have your shutters measured and installed by Sculli Blinds and Screen since improperly sized or put shutters may be rather harsh.

While wood shutters are the most common, poly shutters are good for moist places such as bathrooms and garages. PVC shutters, for example, are ideal for shower windows.

KEMPS CREEK Sculli Blinds & Screens:

The answer is straightforward: seek for a firm with years of expertise, a high-quality product at a reasonable price, and a great reputation for customer service and dependability. That’s exactly what we’re capable of!



Plantation shutters have an enduring appeal. Their timeless elegance, simple lines, and superb viewing are just a few of the reasons they continue to be at the top of interior design. Plantation shutters are an excellent long-term investment that Sculli Blinds and Screens in KEMPS CREEK provides with superior quality and a lifetime warranty. Sculli Blinds and Screen takes pleasure in the traditional aesthetic of our plantation shutters. If you have faith in the company and the product, go with the plantation shutters that best fit your demands.


Plantation Shutters may be operated in three ways by Sculli Blinds and Screens: PVC, Basswood, and Wood.