Plantation Shutters Sutherland

Here are some recommendations for care for your shutters:

  • If it’s raining, don’t leave the windows open.
  • Dust frequently. Our ostrich feather dusters are highly recommended. Another option is to use a moist cloth.
  • To shut the slats, use the tilt rod upward and downward rather than pulling outward.
  • Keep the slats up to properly close them. Close the slats before opening the panels. They may “pinch” and do injury without it.
  • When closing the panels, align the front edges. Eventually, panels that aren’t closed or aligned correctly will settle into an odd shape.
  • If the slat movement has become slack, look for a tension screw on the side of each panel. A Phillips head screwdriver may be used to adjust the tension as necessary.
  • Never remove the shutters yourself. This voids the warranty. Please get in touch with us so that we may arrange for their removal.

Pre-sprayed shutters cannot be painted, since painting them will clog the moving components.

Because incorrectly sized or placed shutters may be rather harsh, we strongly suggest that you have them measured and fitted by Sculli Blinds and Screen.

While wood shutters are our most popular, poly shutters are perfect for moist spaces like bathrooms and garages. Shower windows, for example, benefit immensely from PVC shutters.

Sculli Blinds & Screens in Sutherland:

The answer is simple: seek for a firm with years of expertise, a high-quality product at a reasonable price, and a great reputation for customer service and dependability. That’s what we can do!


Plantation shutters are classic. Because of their ageless elegance, clean lines, and amazing view-through, they are still in demand in interior design. Sculli Blinds and Screens in Sutherland provides outstanding quality plantation shutters that are guaranteed. Sculli Blinds and Screen takes pride in our traditional plantation shutters. You should only buy plantation shutters if you trust the company and its goods.


Plantation Shutters are available in PVC, Basswood, and Wood.


Plantation shutters are an excellent alternative to blinds and curtains. They are suitable for any property and style in Sutherland. Their adaptability makes plantation shutters “the perfect window covering.” Plantation shutters can help create a serene and soothing atmosphere. For asthmatics and allergy patients, they assist keep the house or workplace dust-free. Plantation shutters are simple to clean. They may increase property value.

PVC plantation shutters in Sutherland (Poly Vinyl Chloride). Moisture-resistant, they are great for kitchens, baths, laundry rooms and other wet spaces. Quality, operation, and insulation are comparable to wood shutters.

Basswood is great for plantation shutters. Basswood’s design and aesthetic potential is endless. Colorful basswood plantation shutters are available. Basswood plantation shutters are popular. Basswood shutters are Tilia Americana wood. The trunks of this Linden tree are robust and attractive. Basswood plantation shutters have a nice soft touch and luster.


Plantation shutters are the most customizable window treatment, with almost 100 paint and stain possibilities.

With shutters, you can change the amount of light and privacy in your room at any time. Light blocking, insulation, dust and allergy reduction, and simplicity of cleaning are just a few of its advantages.