Recent Installs

Sculli Blinds and Screens are specialists in blinds, outdoor awnings and door screens. It is always our aim to improve the look and feel of any residential or commercial property to the client’s full satisfaction. Sometimes customers come to us, feeling unhappy with the present look of their home or business. We are here to help!

As an example, Laytani, a well-known, renowned Lebanese restaurant, wanted to change their PVC blinds as they looked a bit outdated and tired. Laytani wanted more inviting blinds to improve the overall look of their restaurant. They contacted us, Sculli Blinds and Screens. Our consultants helped the restaurant by understanding their needs and preferences and made recommendations. Laytani restaurant owners were happy with the proposal and gave us the go- ahead. We installed the discussed blinds which now help to make the restaurant look more welcoming and inviting.

Customer Preferences:

Installation or replacement of blinds, door and window screens, plantation shutters, etc. depends on customer preference. Customers can choose from a large range of quality blinds, screens and shutters at a competitive price. There are many different companies offering the same or similar products. Choose a specialised company who is renowned, reputable and trustworthy.  Meeting customer expectation and full satisfaction should be of utmost importance.

Installations of Different Outdoor and Indoor Products

Most customers want high-quality components and a particular look for their interior or exterior. Outdoor awnings are attractive and are considered a very elegant and sensible addition to any home or building. Ziptrak blinds on the exterior of any home protect against all weather conditions. There are endless options relating to awnings, blinds and shutters such as roller blinds, panel blinds, folding arm awnings, PVC or basswood plantation shutters, etc.

Laytani Lebanese Restaurant

Laytani is a Lebanese restaurant, which is a great place not only to dine but also to hang out and have a good time.

Their old PVC blinds were making it look drab and outdated. It wasn’t really attracting people anymore.

We changed the blinds and made the place look trendy and inviting. It’s now well protected from the elements so people can dine and have a good time, any day, any time.

Ziptrak Awnings Central Coast

Ron purchased a holiday home in the Central Coast but it wasn’t much of a holiday home as it is situated right across from the beach. He and his family were not able to enjoy their outdoor area fully due to high winds and the sun.

After we completed the job, he is so happy and now he can actually enjoy his holiday home and his outdoor area any time of the day and any day of the year.

Ziptrack® Awnings in Greenacre Sydney

Luke recently had a beautiful alfresco entertaining area added to his home. His friend recommended he get Ziptrack® awnings to protect his new alfresco area. Luke opted for the Sunscreen Mesh, which the consultant explained would protect from 70-99% of wind, rain, sun and UV rays that might damage his new alfresco area. Luke was very impressed with his new awning installation from Sculli Blinds and Screens and thought they fit perfectly in the space.

Ziptrack® awnings in Mt Vernon

Lina was doubtful that she would be able to find blinds that would fit the long distance between each support post on her large outdoor area on her Mt Vernon property. The Sculli Blinds and Screens consultant recommended she install Ziptrack® awnings, which they would be able to custom design and manufacture to fit her space. Lina was very impressed with her blinds and couldn’t believe we could span the awnings 6 metres.

Ziptrack® awnings in Linfield

Yik had requested that we install Ziptrak blinds on the exterior of their home as they were made from high-quality components and would give the home a simple, modern finish. They opted for the dark colour mesh material to add contrast to the facade of their home. Yik was very happy with their Ziptrak blind installation from Sculli Blinds and Screens.

Roller Screen Doors, Solid Hinged and Solid Slider Screen Doors

They can be conveniently set away when not in use. Control handles can open and close the screens manually. Solid hinged screen doors are light or medium in weight. Magnetised locks help to secure the screen onto the existing door frame. Custom made sliding doors and solid slider doors are available as single and double doors. They can be installed on the existing door frame, inside or outside and have headrails and bottom tracks.