Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a great option for your home or office, they are flexible and versatile due to their large range of designs, styles, colours and fabrics to suit individual tastes and purposes. They are easy to clean and maintain and have proven durability.

These blinds are an established and popular option for window coverings, whether it is a newly built or freshly renovated home or office. They are manufactured specifically to fit a customer’s window, and they are an ideal alternative to drapes and curtains.

They are available in different fabrics, colours and patterns, block-out, light filtering and sunscreen. They can be manually operated or motorized. They have a UV rating which assists in preventing fading of furniture, wall-art and carpets. Combination brackets allow both block-out at night and light-filtering during daylight.

Roller blinds are safe, secure, and can enhance the appeal of any home or office. They are easy to operate and effortless to install and maintain.

Antifungal and Mould resistance

Many of the fabrics have a special PVC or acrylic coating to provide a resistance to fungi and mold in areas prone to humidity such as kitchens and bathrooms

Easy to Use and Low Maintenance

Roller blinds are easy to operate and need very little maintenance. They are also light in weight and thanks to their design and mechanisms, easy to use and maintain. They can simply be dusted, vacuumed or wiped down with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt.


Roller Blinds are a budget-friendly option. They provide an economical solution to privacy, light and design needs.

Clean Design

Roller blinds eliminate the need for excess fabric due to their clean and simple design. They can enhance the visual aesthetic  of any window.