Roller Blinds Picton

ROLLER BLINDS that exude quality

You roll up the blinds to cover your window, just like their name says. A single piece of fabric is wrapped around a casing that is put over the top of your window frame to create the blind. In different PICTON homes, roller blind casing may be located within or outside the window recess.

Simple pull the cord attached to the bottom of the blind or a sidewinding chain mechanism that is attached to the casing itself. They’re easy to use and may be found in both homes and workplaces.



A contemporary PICTON roller blind or window covering is easy to maintain and can resist a variety of environments. Because this product does not have a horizontal surface, dirt, dust, and grime cannot gather on it, making it easy to clean. A quick wipe with a moist towel solves the problem.


While certain Picton blinds may seem to be a safety hazard to people around, roller blinds are typically safer. Despite the fact that the mechanism is accessible through the cable, it is much higher than the height of toddlers or dogs, preventing them from being entangled.


The options that you have in terms of the  variety of colors makes roller blinds appropriate for a wide range of uses. Match them to your interior or outside; choose the amount of transparency that best fits you for total control over the look of any Picton living space.


Roller blinds, whether internal or exterior, are a great way to keep the heat out in the summer and the warmth in the winter for a long-term and cost-effective solution to save on cooling and heating bills. These things are great purchases for your house or company since they are designed to supplement rather than detract from your total budget.


It’s difficult to find a design that is both clean and contemporary. Our attractive, sleek, and modern alternative to clunky curtains that obstruct vision, look untidy, and are difficult to clean, as well as other roller blinds with chains and light holes, is appealing, sleek, and modern. Our Picton outdoor roller blinds are connected to the window frame, giving them a clean, streamlined appearance.


Sculli Blinds and Screens has been manufacturing and selling blinds for many years, constantly striving for excellence. No resting on our laurels, we’re always working on new fashions that our consumers love.

The company also has a proven track record of providing 100% client satisfaction, service, and quality. Our major goal is to please our customers to the point where they consider us their lifelong roller blinds supplier. So, sign up today.

Yes! They are simple to install. A pencil, a tape measure, a step ladder, and a drill with a 3mm Phillips head bit are all you need. However, appropriate installation provides good performance and longevity. To guarantee that the installation is as good as the product, we recommend that you engage our skilled dealer.

Roller blinds are affordable, albeit the cost varies depending on the fabric. We at Sculli Blinds & Screens have over a hundred material and color options to match your requirements. Simpler and more inexpensive custom blinds.

Unquestionably! They are ideal for doors because to their sleek form. Examine it for catching when the door opens and closes. We propose connected roller blinds for bi-fold and sliding doors.

Yes, roller blinds may help you control your home’s temperature. If temperature is a concern, we suggest blocking out blinds. Roller blinds may keep heat in and cold out in the winter and vice versa!

Definitely. A face fit is a standard method of installing roller blinds.

Roller blinds are easy to clean. To clean the blind, just roll it down to its full length and wipe it with a moist towel. The solution should be safe for the fabric your blinds are made of and not include harsh industrial-strength components. Following these methods should minimize fabric whitening.