Plantation Shutters PVC

Plantation Shutters

When it comes to window decoration, shutters are the must-have accessory for 21st century living. They are not only very durable and sturdy but look elegant and classy and are very easy to clean. They protect from heat and cold, damaging UV rays and offer complete privacy. Shutters are manufactured with the highest quality materials and are particularly suited to the harsh weather conditions of Australia. They are available in different materials such as timber, aluminum and PVC, which is a very popular choice for the more budget conscious customer while it can still have the look of timber. High tech polymers and an aluminum core can add more strength to shutters installed. Coatings can also be applied to prevent peeling. Plantation timbers provide a low cost finished product which is highly weather resistant and can be colour matched to compliment the interior.

Choosing lockable shutters may entitle you to a discount on your homeowner’s insurance as it guarantees more safety from unwanted intruders. With normal use, shutters are considered indestructible.

Design of Shutters

Shutters come in a variety of designs, but the two most popular ones are the solid and plantation styles. Solid shutters provide more privacy and control more flow of light. Solid shutters also beautifully compliment older houses. Plantation-style shutters have slats that rotate to open and close to regulate incoming light.

Versatile and Easy to Customise

Whether you are installing interior or exterior shutters, both are versatile and easy to customise. Depending on your preference you can select from a large range of styles, materials and colours. They can easily be customised to compliment the décor of any home or office and add value to residential and commercial buildings.

Increasing the Aesthetic Appeal

Shutters installation can increase the street appeal and aesthetics of any home or building. With the help of interior or exterior shutters, you can improve and transform your home or office into a gem according to your style and budget. Shutters make an instantaneous impact with a touch of elegance to any property.

Managing Temperature and Outside Noises

Shutters can help control temperature by adding a layer of insulation. They can help in blocking out cold air in winter and heat during summer. Shutters can also insulate your property from outside noises. They are the most effective way to reduce noise pollution. Shutters made of timber create a barrier across the window absorbing a lot more noise than curtains or blinds.

Manual Shutters Care

Most shutters are operated manually but are available in motorised versions. Manual shutters are easily opened and closed by hand. They should be cleaned regularly according to manufacturers’ instructions. Professional installers can also check regularly for loose screws and other issues. If shutters become stiff or damaged, a professional should be called immediately.

Save Money and Reduce Energy Bills

Installing shutters is a great way to help reduce energy bills and our carbon footprint. Due to their insulating properties they can help keep indoor temperatures comfortable without the use of air-conditioners, fans or heaters. They might be more expensive than curtains and blinds initially but in the long run can save you money in costly electricity or gas bills.