Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are your most cost-effective blinds, and they can help in reducing energy consumption. They are a classic design suiting both residential, as well as commercial spaces. Vertical blinds consist of horizontally placed slats or vanes which come in different widths and lengths and can be cut to suit specific heights and shapes. They are a stylish and affordable window covering solution.

 Their wide range of materials, textures and finishes can add great elegance to any home or business facility. Vertical blinds give protection against dust, UV rays and can also assist in controlling outside noise.  They are easy to operate and maintain. Individual slats can be unhinged, cleaned or replaced.

Vertical blinds are easy to clean and their maintenance is minimal.


For sliding patio doors, vertical blinds are the most affordable option. Depending on fabric selection and size, they can accommodate to any budget.


Vertical blinds are one of the most versatile window coverings available in the market. They can be customised to suit every need and style and can be adjusted to fit any shape or size. They are available in a wide range of colours, fabrics and textures.

Easy to Replace

Vertical blinds are easy to replace. Individual slats can simply be detached from the cords if they are damaged or broken and replaced with a new one – there is no need to remove the entire tracking mechanism, making it much more cost-effective.

Light Control

As vertical blinds keep the sun rays at a minimum by filtering light, they offer effective light control in a space. They are an ideal solution for studies and offices.