What are the different types of shutters?

A shutter is a device used to control the amount of light entering the room.People use this shutter for various reasons like some may use this to provide privacy, few people love to keep their room very dark, and there are few people who want only minimum light to get past inside their room or house. Shutters are also used to enhance the aesthetics of the building. Bowral is the largest town in Australia where it is mainly famous for cafes, boutiques, restaurants etc. People who live in Bowral mostly use plantation shutter Bowral in their house. They usually build their house in the manner of getting the sunlight inside. So they mostly prefer a shutter, which is the best product that we can use as per our requirement.

There are many different types of shutter around the world. They are designed to adjust the openings as the user’s requirement. The most used shutters are listed below for your reference.

Cafe shutter
Cafe shutter is normally made with durable polymers and wood composite. They are available in all ranges of colours. If you want to get the light to enter your home, you can go to this type of shutter. The cafe shutter will also provide you with a good outside view. They will always provide a new one even after a long time of installation. The advantage of using this type of shutter is they are pet and child friendly. This is because cafe shutters are free of dangling chords. So you can confidently install this in nurseries and child rooms.

Board and batten shutters
As their name said, they are made with a series of wooden boards that are linked together through a series of battens. Based on the shapes of the window, this shutter can be curved. The board and batten shutter produce a rustic look.

Composite wood shutters
The composite wood shutters are made by using the medium density fibreboard wrapped in a vinyl coating. The other name for these shutters is engineered wood shutters and faux wood shutters. Are you a person who is looking for a luxurious appearance of a real wood shutter but with low investment? These composite wood shutters are the best option for you.

Tier shutters
If you want to control your light and privacy completely, you can go for this tier shutter. You can operate top and bottom panels independently. Tier type shutters are mostly used in the places like bedrooms and bathrooms where privacy and safety is the important key point.

Plantation shutters
The other name for plantation shutters is plantation blinds. The major advantage of plantation shutters is they are cost-effective and they are available in various styles and designs. Whatever the materials you buy, you need to maintain it, but the thing you must consider is how much maintenance the product needs. In that case, if you look over plantation shutter Bowral, it truly requires only low maintenance. As mentioned above, there are many different types of shutters are available, but the important type of plantation shutters are

  • Wooden plantation blinds
  • Vinyl plantation shutters
  • Composite plantation window shutters.

When you look into the vinyl plantation shutter, it is classified into various categories like hollow shutters, solid shutter, structured hollow shutters, solid aluminium shutter and vinyl clad wooden shutter.

Polywood shutters
Polywood shutters are fashioned from the premium synthetic wood substitute, which is safer from the crack, split, chip and warp. These shutters’ superior colour will not fade or lose their vibrancy when they are exposed to sunlight. This is because they use unique paints, and also they are infused with UV stabilizers.


Shutter louvres
These types of shutters are designed to open and close at a fixed angle. Shutter louvres are made by using the tiny slats. These are most popularly used in homes and offices which are located in warm and temperate climates. This is because shutter louvres provide the best ventilation, and it will keep the rain, cold and sun outside when you close it.

Vinyl shutters
Because of their durability and flexibility, they are best to use in homes and offices. Vinyl shutters are very easy to install. Vinyl shutters are available in many different styles and colours. They offer you the best level of customization that you will not find in other shutter materials. They are cost-effective at the same time they last for a long time.

When you open and close this vinyl shutter, they offer certain colours since they are customized in that manner as they have the capability to withstand for a long period you no need to worry about the repairs. Vinyl shutters are very strong enough to withstand all weather conditions. You can operate the vinyl shutter in both horizontal and vertical manner.

There are few more shutters like tracked shutters, bay window shutters, solid shutters, blackout shutters, shaped shutters, reclaimed wood structure, Scandinavian, traditional colonial shutters, ovation shutter etc.

Bottom line
Before buying a shutter, you need to check for some particular factors as you need first to confirm what amount of light you need to enter into your room, so for that, first, you need to know what are the different types of shutter available. Hope after reading this article you may gain some knowledge about the types of shutters and their requirements. Plantations shutter Bowral is best suited for all kind of your requirement.

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