What are the effective ways to clean and maintain your blinds?

Have you ever taken a look at the window blinds in your home? Most of the window blinds will have accumulated layers of dust over time. Regardless of the type of fabric of the blinds, you have to undergo the cleaning and maintaining process regularly. But you no need to worry about their cleaning, since window blinds can be easily cleaned, dusted and maintained. Leppington is a city in Australia that is located 38 kilometres southwest of the Sydney central business district. You can get various types of  blinds in Leppington at a reasonable price. Here are some effective ways to clean and maintain your blinds.

Cleaning fabric blinds

If you prefer to buy fabric blinds for your home, then you have plenty of options to select from. This is because they come in a wide variety of materials and textures, and they fairly require low maintenance. When it comes to fabric blinds, you have an option for roller blinds, roman blinds, rainbow blinds and cellular blinds. Most of the fabric will require only low maintenance. To prevent dust build-up, you can use a lint roller regularly and prefer to vacuum on a low setting with the soft dusting brush attached to have a thorough cleaning.

It is recommended to stop cleaning any stains in your blind with a cloth dampened with a solution of mild detergent and water. To avoid damaging the fabrics have a gentle cleaning, but however, spot cleaning might result in a lighter, cleaner spot on the fabric. It is best to wash your blinds in this situation, but you have to check their care labels before giving them. Ensure to wash your blinds in cold water, using the mildest setting and the detergent formulated to wash delicate fabrics.

Cleaning aluminium Venetian blinds

If you are using Venetian blinds, ensure the slats are horizontal when raising or lowering the blinds. You can maintain a like-new appearance of your blinds with regular light dusting. While cleaning, you can wipe each slat from the edge to the centre to prevent dust from accumulating at the cords. Dust the Venetian blinds by lowering them to their full length, tilting the slats to an almost closed position, and repeat dusting by reversing it.

Blinds that you have in your kitchen tend to gather a layer of grease, so use a mild solution of washing liquid and warm water to dampen and clean with a soft cloth. Remember not to wipe them hardly after a gentle wash and let your blinds dry naturally. Don’t use scrubbing cleansers and ammonia-based products on the blinds as they could damage or scratch them. If you need a deep clean, then vacuum gently with the soft brush attached.

Cleaning wooden Venetian blinds

Ensure to keep your wooden or faux wooden Venetian blinds away from high moisture areas or rain. While cleaning your blinds, instead of spraying your window cleaner directly on the blinds, spray them in a cloth and wipe it. This is because the cleaning solution that you use may splatter on the wooden blinds. When cleaning your blinds, ensure not to oversaturate the cleaning cloth when cleaning wooden blinds. If you are looking for the best and effective blinds, approach the providers of blinds in Leppington to get the quality one at a reasonable price.

Cleaning mini blinds and metal blinds

Metal blinds are strong, hardwearing and much more durable than plastic or wooden blinds since mini blinds are metal, and most metal blinds are made from aluminium. Metal blinds are strong even when they are exposed to strong sunlight, humidity, or extreme temperature shifts. Your mini blinds and metal blinds will last for years when you give proper care. When cleaning your blinds, the things that should include in your equipment checklist are microfiber cloth, dish soap and cold water, paper towels and a car washing brush

How to quickly clean mini and metal blinds

  • Initially, you need to open the blinds to have an effective cleaning. In open blinds, you can easily reach between the slats.
  • Before using a cleaning solution, you have to use a clean and dry microfiber cloth to wipe the dust from each slat.
  • After removing all the possible dust, dampen the cloth with cold soapy water and rub over the blinds. You can remove the excess water with the help of paper towels.

Cleaning vertical blinds

You can clean your vertical blinds by using a soft and damp cloth. It is not recommended to use abrasives as they cause scratches or colour fading. The vertical blinds are delicate and can be damaged easily, so it is essential to handle them with care. You can use a lint roller to pick up dust to maintain the new look of your vertical blinds. One of the ideal options to maintain your blinds is to use a fabric softening sheet or dry-cleaning sheets after they have been cleaned and fully dried.

Summing it up

As you already know, there are different types of blinds available in Leppington the market made of various materials. So you cannot clean everything by using the same method. Based on the blinds you use, the cleaning procedure differs, so before urging to clean them, ensure to check its care label to give the suited cleaning process. Based on your requirement, you can choose the blinds and ensure to clean them at a regular interval to maintain their new look.

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