Ziptrak Awnings Appin

Types of Outdoor Awnings in APPIN:

There are many different types of outdoor awnings that Sculli Awnings have on offer. There are:

Automatic Awnings

These utilize the latest technology and offer comfort. With the push of a button, you can lift them or draw them back as you desire. You have the option of a fixed control board or a remote at your convenience. 

Ziptrak Awnings:

This type of outdoor awning is a track-guided system with different installation options. The Ziptrak Awnings help you to control the light and airflow of the room without any chains or ropes, where the awnings glide smoothly over the streamlined tracks.

Straight Drop Awnings:

Nothing gives a sleek look like straight drop awnings. These act as a wall and can range from 500 mm to 5600 mm in width. These are ideal for any residential and commercial buildings in  Appin and are operated through a manual or a motorized gearbox.

Folding Arm Awnings: 

Folding arm awnings are energy-efficient and are great to offer protection from sunlight. However, they require more space than other types, which is why, at Sculli, we make sure that we visit the site where they are to be installed to guide about their suitability.

The kinds of awnings that are available vary between fixed and retractable. The colors can also be varied, alongside the fabric to give you the privacy you need at the budget you name. The awnings are useful for a variety of purposes along with privacy such as providing shade, reducing energy costs, and protecting your building in Appin from the elements.

Ziptrak awnings offer varieties of cast brackets, hardware colors, and mesh types so that you can choose exactly the kind of awnings that you want for your space.

You can choose between three types of cast brackets that are available from Sculli Blinds in Appin:

A simple cast bracket that does not compromise on the ease of use or functionality of the awning system

A cast bracket with back flashing so that you can have an extra layer of protection for your awnings, especially if you are placing them on concrete or exposed surfaces. 

A pelmet that covers the rolling mechanism so that you can opt for a sleek and streamlined look for your windows and doors. The pelmet hides and protects the Ziptrak awnings as well, which makes the awnings longer lasting and more durable.

Ziptrak is pleased to offer different color ranges for the hardware brackets that can make the awning systems blend in with the overall color scheme and décor of your space. The five main color choices that are available include: 

Paperbark, classic cream, woodland grey, white, and black. so no matter whether your space is light, dark, or balanced in its color scheme we have an option on offer for you so that you can make sure that the awning mechanisms stay hidden from sight.

We offer a variety of options for sunscreen meshes for your awning systems. These meshes are available in a large variety of colors and transparencies that can allow you to block UV rays up to 99% and wind and rain up to 96%. 

The meshes are made from a special material that reduces the glare from the sun and allows the flow of air freely. It is easy to maintain and clean material, and also provides the privacy that you crave while enjoying your outdoor spaces.

The meshes look great and are durable – they last for years on end, without getting faded or damaged by the elements in Appin.

You can choose from a clear PVC for uninterrupted and clear views from your space or you can go for a tinted PVC depending on how you like your views to be. The PVC completely blocks out wind, debris, and dust keeping the spaces enclosed and protected from the harsh Australian climate.