Ziptrak Awnings Campbelltown

Sculli Blinds and Screens the top provider of Ziptrak Awnings

Ziptrak Awnings in CAMPBELLTOWN allow you to make use of your outside areas while also protecting them from the elements such as wind and rain. There’s no need to be concerned about direct sunlight or obscured vistas when you’re relaxing in your outside environment. An additional benefit is that the awnings provide excellent protection from damage caused by the elements, which might include UV radiation, weather fluctuations, and other exposure.

At the same time, the Ziptrak Awnings will help you to keep your house or company looking nice, organised, and appealing while still preserving the usability of the space.

Ziptrak awnings come with a great mechanism in CAMPBELLTOWN

The systems that enable you to manage the awnings at the height that you choose are either motorized or manual in nature. Irrespective of how huge or difficult to reach your awnings may be, they may be cleaned with ease. You have complete control over the awnings and may position them exactly where you want them. The motorized mechanism is ideal for persons with restricted movement, as it allows the awning to be positioned with a single push of a button, regardless of their physical condition. The motorized mechanismis only accessible when the Sunscreen Mesh option is selected, so keep that in mind if you want one.

Because they are solar-powered, these motorized devices do not require any wiring to be connected to your current electrical system. This facilitates the completion of the motorization of your awnings in a short period.


Ziptrak Awnings are outdoor awnings that allow for protection from the elements and privacy with a seamless look and finish. The Ziptrak system is a track-guided system that is a patented process invented in Australia. The Awnings can be customized for your space in CAMPBELTOWN and can be easily controlled through the track-guided system that secures the awning material from the left and right, within the tracks so that it becomes easy to draw them when required.

The material of the awnings is available in two main types – shade and PVC. Sculli retailers have a host of different colors that you can choose from depending on the visibility that you need, as well as the way you require your overall aesthetic of the space to be reflected. The color of the overall Ziptrak system can be customized where the pelmet, bottom bar, and track colors can be customized. You can customize these components by choosing to color them with powder coating, but this will increase the cost of your awnings.

Ziptrak awnings are customized to the spaces that they are going to be fitted into. Many different aspects are involved in the Ziptrak awnings system, which is why it is important to have a professional installer engaged in the process. Some of the complex elements of installing the Ziptrak awnings include setting up the track and channel systems and working with the springs and motors. If any of these elements is not set up properly, there is the likelihood that the system will not function as smoothly as required.

A pelmet is an item at the top of the Ziptrak awnings that is on the top tube of the awnings. It conceals the mechanism of the awning and also protects it from dust and rust. Sculli offers Ziptrak awnings that have fully enclosed pelmets as well as pelmets that are not fully enclosed. You can choose the one you require based on your needs and your budget.