Ziptrak Awnings Glenfield

Ziptrak Awnings in GLENFIELD that are made to last

Ziptrak Awnings is a retractable awning maker. Additionally, we breathe life into outdoor spaces by installing awnings that shield places and property from the destructive effects of excessive sunlight, as well as dust and other environmental contaminants.

Sculli Awnings and Screens is a well-known and one of the few stores in Australia that is proud to sell awnings and awnings manufactured in Australia. Sculli Awnings and Screens is a privately held company. As a privately held window furnishings company, we are well-known for the great quality of our awnings, screens, and awnings – all of which are designed to help families and businesses make the most of the spaces they inhabit.

GLENFIELD makes a commitment to superior quality.

Our premium selection of Ziptrak Awnings is the ideal solution for your needs. Awnings are retractable exterior awnings that give shade and shelter from the elements, as well as from people and outdoor areas. The product’s defining feature is a high-quality system, with the track-guided mechanism assuring that the Awnings may be stopped at any height. Sculli Awnings and Screens is a renowned supplier for this product, where the contemporary design not only enhances the aesthetic attractiveness of the room, but also enables functional use of the area.

Some of the modifications available with Sculli Blinds & Screens in GLENFIELD

Hardware Colors

Ziptrak is pleased to provide a choice of color options for the hardware brackets, ensuring that the awning systems in GLENFIELD blend smoothly with the surrounding color scheme and décor. The five color selections are as follows:

Among the materials offered are paperbark, classic cream, forest grey, white, and black. As a result, regardless of the color scheme of your region, whether it is light, dark, or balanced, we have a concealment option for the awning mechanisms.

Mesh Sunscreen

We provide many sunscreen mesh options for your awning systems. These meshes are available in a variety of colors and transparencies and can block up to 95% of UV radiation and up to 96% of wind and rain.

The meshes are made of a proprietary material that reduces sun glare while allowing for unimpeded air flow. It is a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean material that nevertheless provides the isolation necessary for enjoying your outdoor spaces.

The meshes are both appealing and durable – they will not fade or degrade over time.


You may choose clear PVC for unobstructed and clear views from your area, or tinted PVC for more customized perspectives. The PVC blocks out wind, dirt, and dust, enclosing and safeguarding the regions from the harsh Australian climate.


You can choose between motorized and manual systems for adjusting the awnings’ height. Regardless of how huge or inaccessible your awnings are. Awnings are readily adjusted and positioned. The motorized mechanism is perfect for persons with limited mobility, as it allows the awning to be adjusted to the correct position with the touch of a button. Bear in mind, however, that if you want a motorized mechanism, you must choose the Sunscreen Mesh option.

Due to the fact that these motorized gadgets are solar-powered, they do not require connecting to your existing electrical system. This helps you to finish the motorization of your awnings in a timely manner.

Ziptrak Awnings in GLENFIELD: The Sculli Advantage

Ziptrak Awnings allow you to enjoy your outside spaces while keeping them protected from the weather. You may just relax in your outside space without having to worry about direct sunlight or obstructed views. Additionally, awnings provide protection from the elements, including UV radiation, weather variations, and other exposure.

Ziptrak Awnings keep your home or company appearing neat, tidy, and elegant while also optimizing space utilization.