Ziptrak Awnings Liverpool

Why choose Sculli Blinds and Screens?

Sculli Blinds and Screens are one of the top providers of Ziptrak Awnings in Liverpool. Our team is well-known for the manner in which it handles all Ziptrak awning installations, and the way that they deal with customers with different requirements. Out made to measure awnings will enhance the look of your space and also increase the utility of outdoor spaces. 

As it often happens in homes not only in Liverpool, but all across Australia, outdoor spaces are not used around the year due to extreme heat or cold. The rainy season also prevents the space from being utilized appropriately. With Ziptrak Awnings, the spaces become well-shaded so that you can use them in the sun, and also get protection from the rain. 

What is more, with the awnings in place you can even keep furniture and other items outdoors without worrying about them getting spoilt due to the harsh sunlight or moisture from the rain and dew. 

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Awnings might be a term that you are not very familiar with, especially as it concerns architecture and buildings. In our case Ziptrak Awnings are basically outdoor blinds that are put in place to allow a great indoor-outdoor experience in your home, and also to provide additional branding opportunities for commercial entities. Here are some more answers to probable questions that you might have.

Sculli Screens and Awnings team can help you to provide a customized solution for Ziptrak awnings where we can take a look at the surface you want the awnings on and then guide you with regards to the material that is most suitable for that particular surface. The wood, steel, brick, and concrete surfaces are generally easy to mount the awnings over. However, if you live in a windy area, or want awnings where there is high-intensity sunlight, make sure to mention this to the team, who will factor in these variables into their recommendations for you.

The choice of material depends entirely on your needs. If you want to enjoy the views but make sure that the temperature in the space is consistent and comfortable. Then PVC is a good option for you. however, if you would like to have some airflow in the space, but would like to be protected from the glare of the sun, then the sunscreen mesh will be the right choice for you.

Motorized awnings are a great way to make your space more convenient and manageable. This is an especially useful feature to choose if you will be placing awnings in an inaccessible or hard-to-reach location. Motorization is also helpful for people who might not be able to reach the awnings due to mobility issues. The motorized awnings are also great for commercial areas where there might be a lot of these awnings to operate.

There are three main ways in which you can make sure that the items you have are genuine. 

Foremost, make sure that you have asked your retailer about the official system. The Sculli team will be very happy to guide you in this regard.

Secondly, make sure that the invoice that you receive mentions the official Ziptrak components from the Ziptrak awnings. 

Check, after installation, that all the correct and genuine parts are there and have been installed. You can check the logo on the components to make sure.