Ziptrak Awnings Menai

Sculli screens and blinds are pleased to offer Ziptrak Awnings that can be customized and are available in different options in Menai

Ziptrak Awnings – Types that are available in Menai

There are several possible installation choices for this sort of outdoor awning, which is track-guided. The Ziptrak Awnings allow you to manage the amount of light and ventilation in a space without the need of chains or ropes, since the awnings glide easily over the sleek tracks.

Awnings with a straight drop:

Nothing beats straight drop awnings when it comes to creating a streamlined appearance. These serve as a barrier and can be as wide as 500 mm or as long as 5600 mm. These are suitable for use in both residential and commercial structures, and may be controlled either manually or by means of a motorized transmission.

Awnings with folding arms:

Awnings with folding arms save electricity and are excellent for providing shade and shelter from the sun. Because they require more room than other varieties, we at Sculli make certain that we visit the site where they are to be put to advise on their suitability for the environment in which they will be installed.

It is possible to choose between fixed and retractable awnings depending on your needs. The colors, as well as the fabric, maybe customised to provide you with the privacy you want while staying within your budget. Awnings provide a multitude of functions in addition to offering privacy, including providing shade, lowering energy expenses, and protecting your structure from the weather.

Ziptrak Awnings are available in a variety of cast brackets, hardware colors, and mesh kinds, allowing you to customise your awnings to match the style and function of your area perfectly.

There are three different types of cast brackets to choose from:

  • A straightforward cast bracket that does not detract from the convenience of use or functioning of the awning system is provided.
  • A cast bracket with rear flashing allows you to add an additional layer of protection to your awnings, which is especially important if you are installing them on concrete or other exposed surfaces.
  • A pelmet that conceals the rolling mechanism, allowing you to choose a clean and streamlined appearance for your windows and doors is available. The pelmet also serves to conceal and protect the Ziptrak Awnings, resulting in the awnings being more long-lasting and sturdy over time.

Ziptrak is glad to provide a variety of color options for its hardware brackets, allowing you to match your awning systems to the overall color scheme and décor of your area. The following are the five primary color options that are available:

Paperbark, classic cream, forest grey, white, and black are some of the colors available. So, regardless of whether your area is light, dark, or well-balanced in terms of color scheme, we have a solution for you that will ensure that the awning mechanics are kept out of sight at all times.

Sunscreen meshes for your awning systems are available in a range of colors and patterns. These meshes are available in a wide range of colors and transparencies, and they can block UV radiation up to 99 percent of the time, as well as wind and rain up to 96 percent of the time.

The meshes are composed of a particular material that lowers glare from the sun while yet allowing for unrestricted movement of air through the structure. In addition to being an easy to keep and clean material, it also gives the seclusion that you need when enjoying your outdoor spaces with family and friends in Camden South.

The meshes are attractive and long-lasting; they may be used for many years without becoming faded or harmed by the weather conditions.

If you like uninterrupted and clear views from your space, clear PVC is the way to go. If you prefer tinted PVC, it is up to you how dark you want your views to be. Wind, dirt, and dust are totally blocked out by the PVC, which keeps the areas enclosed and sheltered from the severe Australian climate especially in Menai.