Ziptrak Awnings Oran Park

Sculli Blinds and Screens is the leading provider of Ziptrak Awnings in Australia.

Wind and rain protection are provided by Ziptrak Awnings at ORAN PARK, allowing you to take use of your outdoor living space while simultaneously protecting it from the elements. When you’re resting in your outside setting, there’s no need to be concerned about direct sunshine or clouded vistas. Additional benefits include good protection from damage caused by the elements, which may include UV radiation from the sun, weather variations from the wind or other forms of sunlight exposure.

The Ziptrak Awnings will also assist you in keeping your home or business appearing neat, organized, and appealing while still allowing you to make use of the space available to you.

Ziptrak awnings in ORAN PARK are equipped with an excellent mechanism.

You may select between motorized and manual techniques for controlling the awnings at the height that you want. It does not matter how large or difficult to reach your awnings are; they may be cleaned with relative simplicity and efficiency. You have total control over the awnings and are free to place them precisely where you want them to be. The motorized mechanism is especially beneficial for people who have difficulty moving about since it allows them to position the awning with a single touch of a button, regardless of their physical condition. It should be noted that the motorized mechanism is only available when the Sunscreen Mesh option is selected, so keep that in mind if you intend to use it.

Due to the fact that they are solar-powered, these motorized gadgets do not require any cabling to be attached to your home’s existing electrical system. This makes it possible to complete the motorization of your awnings in a short amount of time.


Ziptrak Awnings are outdoor awnings that provide protection from the weather as well as privacy, all while maintaining a seamless appearance and quality. The Ziptrak system is a track-guided system that was developed in Australia and is protected by a patent. The Awnings may be adjusted to fit your specific needs in ORAN PARK, and they are simple to operate thanks to the track-guided system, which secures the awning material from the left and right sides of the tracks, making it simple to draw them as needed.

It is possible to purchase awnings in two different types of materials: shade or PVC. Sculli merchants provide a wide range of colors from which you may pick depending on the level of visibility that you want as well as the manner you want your entire aesthetic of the area to be mirrored in the room. It is possible to modify the color of the whole Ziptrak system, including the pelmet, bottom bar, and track colors, as well. You may personalize these components by selecting to paint them with powder coating, but doing so will raise the cost of your awnings significantly.

Customized Ziptrak awnings are made specifically for the locations in which they are to be installed. Because there are so many distinct components to the Ziptrak awning system, it is critical that a skilled installer be involved in the installation process from the beginning. In addition to putting together the track and channel systems, as well as interacting with the spring and motor systems, installing Ziptrak awnings may be rather difficult as well as complicated. If any of these components is not correctly configured, there is a good chance that the system will not operate as smoothly as it should.

A pelmet is a decorative piece that is attached to the top tube of Ziptrak awnings and is found at the top of the awnings. It covers the awning’s mechanism and also serves to protect it from dust and rust accumulation. Awnings from Sculli are available with fully enclosed pelmets or with partially enclosed pelmets, depending on the application. You may select the one that is most appropriate for you depending on your requirements and financial constraints.