Ziptrak Awnings Sutherland

Ziptrak Awnings by Sculli Blinds and Screens

Ziptrak Awnings in Sutherland let you enjoy your outside spaces while protecting them from the weather. When lounging outdoors, don’t worry about direct sunshine or blocked views. Awnings also protect against UV rays, weather variations, and other exposures.

Awnings from Ziptrak keep your home or business appearing neat and organized while maintaining the utility of the area.


Awnings are basically putdoor blinds that shade you, protect the furniture in your outdoor space and to make sure that the area is free from damage. While you might be thinking that awnings are like curtains and they might block the spectacular view you get from inside your home, rest assured that there are many different materials for awnings available. if you don’t want your view blocked and yet you want to enjoy the landscape from the comfort of your space, you can install clear PVC. Feel free to contact Sculli screens and blinds for your queries.

Ziptrak Awnings are outdoor awnings that provide protection from the weather and seclusion. The Ziptrak system is an Australian-patented track-guided system. The track-guided system locks the awning material from the left and right inside the tracks so that it becomes simple to draw them as necessary.

Awnings are made of two materials: shade and PVC. Sculli merchants have a variety of colors to select from based on the level of visibility and the overall attractiveness of the area. The pelmet, bottom bar, and track colors of the Ziptrak system may be changed. Customize these components by powder painting them, but this will raise the cost of your awnings.

Ziptrak awnings are made to suit certain areas. The Ziptrak awnings system is complex, which is why a professional installation is required. Installing Ziptrak awnings requires knowledge of springs and motors, as well as track and channel systems. If any of these pieces are not correctly configured, the system may not work as intended.

A pelmet is a decorative piece on the top tube of Ziptrak awnings. It protects the awning mechanism from dust and corrosion. Sculli produces Ziptrak awnings with and without completely enclosed pelmets. You may choose one depending on your demands and budget.

Sculli Screens and Awnings can give a tailored solution for Ziptrak awnings by assessing the area to be awninged and advising on the best material to use for that surface. Awnings may be mounted easily over wood, steel, brick, and concrete. If you live in a windy region or need awnings in areas with intense sunshine, let the staff know so they can provide appropriate suggestions.

The material you choose is totally up to you. If you want to appreciate the vistas but still maintain a pleasant temperature. Then PVC is a suitable choice. If you want some airflow but want to be shielded from the glare of the sun, then the sunscreen mesh is the correct solution for you.

Motorized awnings are a terrific way to control your space. This is particularly important if you want to install awnings in inaccessible or difficult-to-reach areas. Motorization also helps those with mobility limitations who can’t reach the awnings. Motorized awnings are also useful for business settings with a lot of awnings.

There are three major techniques to ensure your things are authentic.

First, ask your shop about the official method. The Sculli staff would be pleased to assist you.

Verify that the invoice you get includes authentic Ziptrak awning component names.

Verify that all authentic components are present and installed after installation. Verify the logo on the components.