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Awnings are a terrific way to brighten up outdoor areas while protecting them from the weather.

Sculli Awnings and Screens is happy to provide awnings in SYDNEY that are 100% Australian made. As a private window furnishings firm, we are recognized for the quality of our awnings, screens, and awnings, which allow families and businesses enjoy their spaces.

Our premium Ziptrak awnings are appropriate for your requirements. Awnings are outdoor blinds that provide shade and weather protection. The track-guided mechanism guarantees that the Awnings may be halted at any height. Modern design not only increases the visual appeal of the place but also delivers usefulness.

Ziptrak Awnings in SYDNEY provide sun and UV ray protection for your outdoor areas.

Wind and rain protection so you may enjoy all seasons and weather at home.

The decision between manual and electric mechanics is personal.

Smooth track guided procedures that make awning management simple.

Sculli provides Ziptrak awnings that enable you to turn unused space into a haven from the stresses of everyday life. The comfort and protection from UV rays, sun, wind, and rain will allow you to spend more time outside.

  • Awnings may help you expand your outdoor living area at home or work so you have more to enjoy and utilize.
  • Awnings save energy because they chill the outside of the house by shading it from the sun.
  • Ziptrak is a proprietary track-guided technology that glides effortlessly. The awnings may be stopped at whatever height you like, so you are not confined in terms of coverage. Choosing the right awning for your area might be a challenge.
  • It is an Australian-owned and created product so you can purchase and be proud of shopping locally.

These awnings are simple to operate due to three primary characteristics.

This eliminates the need for cranks, zips, chains, or cables to operate the awnings.

The awnings include a proprietary technology that enables for a safe lock in high winds. The awning is kept in place until you choose to open it again. Lifting the handle releases the latches on both sides of the bar.

Ziptrak awnings do not have holes like conventional awnings, which keeps out pests, wind, and dust while providing superior insulation.

Sculli Awnings has a large selection of outdoor awnings. There:

Awnings with Automated mechanisms

These are modern and comfortable. With a single button, you may raise or lower them as desired. You may choose between a fixed control board and a remote.

Ziptrak Awnings: This style of outdoor awning has several installation possibilities. The Ziptrak Awnings allow you to manage the amount of light and ventilation in a space without using any chains or ropes.

Straight Drop Awnings: Straight drop awnings are the sleekest. A wall, they vary in width from 500 mm to 5600 mm. These may be operated manually or by a motorized gearbox.

Folding Arm Awnings: These awnings save electricity and provide excellent sun protection. They take up more area than other varieties, therefore Sculli makes care to visit the location to assess their appropriateness.

Awnings may be permanent or retractable. Colors and fabrics may be changed to offer you the privacy you want within your budget. Along with privacy, awnings provide shade, save energy expenses, and protect your business from the weather.

Ziptrak awnings come in a variety of cast brackets, hardware colors, and mesh kinds so you may customize your awnings to your area.

Three kinds of cast brackets are available:

A basic cast bracket that does not impact the awning system’s operation.

A cast bracket with rear flashing to protect your awnings, particularly if you install them on concrete or exposed surfaces.

A pelmet that hides the rolling mechanism for a sleek and streamlined design. The pelmet also conceals and protects the Ziptrak awnings, extending their lifespan.

Ziptrak is glad to provide a variety of colors for the hardware brackets to match the overall color scheme and décor of your area. Paperbark, classic cream, forest grey, white, and black are the five basic color options. So whether your color scheme is bright, dark, or balanced, we have an alternative for you to keep the awning mechanics disguised.

We have a range of sunscreen meshes for awnings. These meshes come in a range of hues and transparencies and can block UV radiation up to 96% and wind and rain up to 98%.

The meshes are composed of a unique material that lowers glare and facilitates air passage. It is a low maintenance material that gives seclusion while enjoying your outside settings.

The meshes are beautiful and remain for years without fading or being harmed by the environment.

You may select between transparent PVC for uninterrupted views or tinted PVC for more privacy. As a result, the areas are enclosed and shielded from the severe Australian environment.

You may choose between motorized and manual systems to adjust the awnings’ height. No matter how big or hard to reach your awnings are. The awnings are simply controlled and positioned. For those with limited mobility, the motorized system enables the awning to be positioned with a single button press. If you prefer a motorized mechanism, choose Sunscreen Mesh.

Because they are solar smart, these motorized devices do not need any wiring. This speeds up the motorization process.

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Ziptrak Awnings let you enjoy your outside areas while protecting them from the elements. Relax in the outside area without concern about sunshine or restricted views. The awnings also protect against UV rays, weather fluctuations, and other exposure.

The Ziptrak awnings will make your house or company seem sleek, organized, and professional while preserving the area’s usability.