Zip Track Blinds Campbelltown

Zip Track Blinds are available through Sculli Blinds and Screens, your local Zip Track blinds dealer in CAMPBELLTOWN.

Sculli Blinds are among the oldest retail enterprises that are owned and manufactured exclusively in Australia. Sculli Blinds is a one-stop solution for all your window furnishing needs. We provide a comprehensive choice of blinds, screens, and doors that let you blend your outside environments with your inside living.

Zip Track blinds are of two types:

  • Sunscreen Mesh 
  • Clear PVC

The sunscreen mesh is robust and durable. It comes in a range of sunscreen textiles. The weight and weave density of the cloth dictates the extent of UV protection and privacy. It shields you from the sun’s damaging UV rays, lowers heat transfer, and can help you save money on cooling costs and keep your home at a consistent temperature.

The transparent PVC is usually employed in situations where an unobstructed vision is necessary. Wind and rain are no match for the wind and rainproofing properties of clear PVC. Clear PVC does not decolor overtime thereby delivering a crystal-clear view, always. It also assists in keeping the area warm in winters.

We also provide tinted PVC in case you require additional privacy for your room.

While installing Zip Track blinds in CAMPBELLTOWN, it is crucial to verify that it is done by qualified personnel. At Sculli blinds we exclusively make use of authentic Zip Track goods. But we realize that you need to make sure that the components can be easily recognized as authentic. You may check for the proprietary Zip Track logo on them or ask our experienced installers to show you the logo. Our business is focused on trust and long-lasting connections, which is why, we, at Sculli blinds take great precautions to ensure that you receive the original and authentic Zip Track goods and features.

These blinds are completely custom constructed so they can adapt to vast and wide-open spaces. This technique enables you to cover greater openings without the need for extra vertical support. However, if your entrance is bigger than 6m then a fixed or detachable post can be put, splitting your opening into various portions. It can work as an entryway to your outside area or backyard, depending on the size of parts you build. The detachable post may be quickly removed in less than a minute if need be.

Options for Setting Up Your System

Zip Track blinds in CAMPBELLTOWN provide installation choices for you to pick from, based on your demand and kind of structure it will be attached to:

The pelmet provides improved protection when the blinds are retracted, by entirely enclosing the system within.

The Streamline pelmet is the newest and most sophisticated innovation. It contains an insect control system to keep any undesirable pests and insects out of your outside space. With the Streamline pelmet in place, you can enjoy a feast with your friends and family without worrying about mosquito bites.

The cast bracket leaves the retracted blind visible while the cast bracket with back flashing covers the blinds externally, making your exteriors seem smart and streamlined. All the installation components are composed of aluminum, thus are rust-free. Aluminum is the material of choice for coastal environments that are subject to high humidity and rain.

The side-tracks or vertical tracks can be put in two distinct methods; the face fix and the reveal fix. Face fix connects the tracks on the front side of your aperture, whereas the reveal fix refers to attaching the side-tracks on the inside frame or cavity.

We can also customize the color of your blinds as you wish to have them.

There are three types of bottom bar protections that are available with Zip Track Blinds:

  1. Standard weather strip
  2. Large weather strip
  3. Custom tailored skirting

Standard and large weatherstrips are made to conform to irregular surfaces and fill in the spaces left by their removal. Both the weather strips are UV resistant to sustain adverse weather conditions. Custom-made skirting is utilized mostly for sharply sloped surfaces. A skirting can be fixed with the bottom bar giving an extra layer of protection from dirt, water, leaves, insects, and other material that can enter the open space.