Zip Track Blinds Narellan

Sculli Blinds and Screens is your local Zip Track blinds dealer in NARELLAN.

Sculli Blinds is one of the oldest Australian owned and managed enterprises. Sculli Blinds is a one-stop window furnishing business. We provide a vast assortment of blinds, screens, and doors to fit your style.

Types of Blinds

The sunscreen mesh is robust. Sunscreen textiles are available. UV protection and privacy are determined by the weight and weave density of the material. Protection against dangerous UV rays, decreased heat transmission, and less cooling expenses are just a few of the benefits.

Transparent PVC is utilized when clear visibility is desired. Clear PVC’s wind and rainproofing qualities are unsurpassed. Clear PVC does not fade over time, maintaining a crystal-clear picture. It also keeps the house warm in the cold.

We also use tinted PVC for greater privacy.

Installing Zip Track blinds in NARELLAN necessitates the use of qualified personnel. Sculli Blinds exclusively employs authentic Zip Track items in its installations. However, we are aware that the components must be instantly distinguishable as genuine in order to be used. It is possible to identify them by looking for the Zip Track emblem on them or by asking one of our experienced installers to show you. Sculli Blinds places a high emphasis on trust and long-term partnerships, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure that only authentic Zip Track goods and features are delivered to customers.

These blinds are completely custom designed to accommodate vast open areas with no obstructions. It is possible to fill bigger gaps using this approach without the need for additional vertical support. Fixed or detachable posts can be used to separate an entryway that is longer than 6m in width or length. This structure, depending on the size of the pieces, might serve as an entrance to your garden. The detachable post may be removed in less than a minute if it is required.

System Configuration Options

Zip Track blinds in NARELLAN may be installed in a variety of ways, including the following:


When the blinds are retracted, the pelmet acts as a protective barrier by enclosing the system.

Streamline pelmet

The Streamline Pelmet is the name given by innovators. Unwanted pests and insects are kept out of your outside space by installing a pest control system. When you use the Streamline pelmet, you can be assured that your friends and family will not be bitten by mosquitoes.

Cast bracket and back flashing cast bracket are two types of cast bracket.

In contrast to the cast bracket, the cast bracket with back flashing conceals the blinds from the outside, giving your house a sleek and modern appearance while also protecting them from the elements. Rust-free aluminum installation components are used throughout the process. Aluminum is an excellent choice for coastal areas that experience high humidity and rain.

Both face fix and reveal fix are options for repairing the side-tracks or vertical tracks, respectively. It is the process of joining the side tracks within your frame or cavity if you have a reveal fix installed.

We may even paint your blinds whatever color you like if you prefer.

Zip Track Blinds are available with three different kinds of bottom bar protection:

  1. Standard Weather strip 
  2. Large Weather strip 
  3. Skirting 

It is necessary to build large and standard weatherstrips in order to fit uneven surfaces and fill in gaps. Both weather strips are resistant against UV rays. Skirting made to order is most commonly utilized on sloping surfaces. The open space is protected from dirt, water, leaves, insects, and other debris by a skirting that is attached to the bottom bar.